MALT Meeting Sierra Nevada

Mountain Ale and Lager Tasters (MALT) meets at Sierra Nevada's upstairs play room for good times and really good home brew drinking. Founded in the late 20th century, the group exudes the essence of our vibrant and often weird Western North Carolina community. Discussed in yet another scintillating podcast hosted by Crowler Chris Power and Tommy Green, is the fine art of making home brewed craft elixirs. Guests include pharmacist Joe Rafferty, Trevor Gwillim of CARZ, sour brewer Justin Breitzke, and international welder Erich Seigler. And...... (drum roll) least we not forget Ted Clevenger of Asheville Brewers Supply? He's become a regular! Our theme song is by Electric Gremlin, featuring Jay Armant, jr. of Fishbone fame.

Rick Rice Breaks Seal Record

Rick Rice crossed the 100 minute mark, without breaking the seal, setting a new World record. A seasoned veteran of broadcasting UNCA basketball, and Asheville Tourists baseball, he often sits for hours without relieving himself. Rick lasted 104 minutes, 34 seconds, never leaving the podcast to whiz, pounding delicious craft beer from Catawba Brewing the entire time. Rick's dedication to performance and our show was truly admirable. Elk hunter Ben Wiggins graciously hosts the Drink Local Now team at the SoSlo tasting room, keeping the conversation lively and the craft beer flowing. Listen up to our longest, and dare say, most entertaining podcast to date.

French Broad River Brewery

The sign is hanging in French Broad River Brewery and dates back to before The Green Man buy out by Dennis. Green Man started in the back of Jack of Wood, but they weren't the only ones who started there. Born around the same time, French Broad River Brewery started there, as well. In episode #0060 of Drink Local Now we are honored to be drinking craft beer with head brewer Aaron Wilson of French Broad, and Ted Clevenger of Ashevile Brewers Supply. Chris and Tommy are humbled by the knowledge of these Asheville craft beer legends, whose brewing relationship dates back a decade. Lots to be learned by listening, as Tommy points out, "I need to learn to shut the f*ck up!"

No Place Like Homeplace Beer Company

Fantasy Crime novelist, Matt Broadway, and Hendo guitar legend Eric Congdon join us at Monte's Taproom for Homeplace Beer Company pint night. Tommy Green is an emotional mess, having fallen prey to social media reckoning. Chris Power takes the helm and artfully guides the dialogue. Matt brought us craft beer from the newly opened Triskelion Brewing Company, where Jonathon Ayers of Drink Local Now lore, is the master of brewing.

Lookout Brewing Black Mountain

To start off 2018, we continue the discussion with craft brewer John Garcia at his Lookout Brewing in Black Mountain, NC. Transgender female Kaylah Mague joins our cast of misanthropes, bringing our show to a level of legitimacy, which Chris Power and Tommy Green are aspiring to reach. Topics discussed include:
  • Lookout Brewing expansion
  • Disc Golf
  • Another Brewery Opening in Black Mountain
  • How much the Asheville Brewers Alliance sucks
  • Good Hops Brewing
  • How much Wicked Weed sold for
  • Appalachian Mountain Brewery is NOT a craft brewer

Green Man Brews Elite Craft Beer!

"If I'm not running for a beer or a donut, or running from something, I am not running," proclaims disc golfer champ Jennifer McGibbon in episode #0057 of Drink Local Now. There was no running at the Collider, just eating and drinking and laughing... Look Out Brewing master brewer, John Garcia, assured us, "Green Man's Trickster is an outstanding beer. John Stewart has been brewing great beer for years!" Tommy and Crowler are given a formal education on who really are the best craft brewers in Asheville, and who makes the very best craft beer in the World! Image Courtesy Indulge Images

Big Beer Buys Big Weed!

The ginormous company that owns Corona, who also bought one time craft brewer Ballast Point for a billion dollars, recently purchased a stake in a humongous Canadian marijuana company for nearly $200 million. Corona has always branded themselves as a beach beer. It makes sense that they would be interested in another popular summer beach product: weed. What this means for our community is discussed by our local panel of experts in our 56th recording of Drink Local Now. Todd Stimson, Patty Peace Macomb, Meredith Bennett, and Tommy Green are high with laughter and such. This episode is brought you by the catnip dispensary Meowntain High.

Jordan Okrend Plays. We Drink Craft!

Community is Brewing is Facebook LIVE with Jordan Okrend, where Drink Local Now investigators reveal the hoppenings at The Bud owned Wicked Weed Brewing. Jordan Okrend entertains when the hosts bore, playing tunes off his new hit album, as well as some Pink Floyd. Jordan's dad, Phil (yes the famous pianist) does a cameo, and tells us how he got Jordan started on guitar at the age of seven.
On Tap: Oskar Blues Hot Box Coffee IPA, French Broad Irish Stout.

Natural Born Leaders Pisgah Brewing

Grammy Award winner Debrissa McKinney and Austin Haynes are the new power couple in town. DeBaustin? Michael Martinez fell off the World's tallest water sphere in Union, New Jersey and lived to podcast with us at Pisgah Brewing for Chalwa's residency.

Benton Wharton, the Director of Events and good times at Pisgah, hosted us and shared his craft beer wisdom. Michael Franti and Debrissa McKinney did not speak on this episode.

Natural Born Leaders' Austin Haynes and Michael Martinez jump on stage with Chalwa to chat poetry. It's a once and a lifetime collaboration not to be missed!

Tommy Green explains how he unintentionally walked into this scene at Echo Mountain, having no idea what he saw, and didn't realize what he saw, until Steve Martin started tweeting about it.

Tommy Green labeled Chris Power as the whitest motherfreaker EVER, only to end up as the pot calling the kettle black. He twice referred to Ice T's role in Straight Outta Compton.

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Oscar Wong Mystic Vibrations

Tate MacQueen and Tommy Green are at Highland Brewing and have a chat with the guy who started it all, yes him! Oscar Wong! Mark Conti, one of Highland's top guys with a fancy title, tells us all about the beer. The theme of the day is Jamaica, where both Oscar Wong and Ric Williams are from. Yes! We also talked to Ric Williams of Itals fame, and now Mystic Vibrations. Oscar hails from Kingston and Ric from Westmoreland. Lots of laughing and good times were had at the Winter Edition of Island to Highland at Highland Brewing.