No Place Like Homeplace Beer Company

Fantasy Crime novelist, Matt Broadway, and Hendo guitar legend Eric Congdon join us at Monte's Taproom for Homeplace Beer Company pint night. Tommy Green is an emotional mess, having fallen prey to social media reckoning. Chris Power takes the helm and artfully guides the dialogue. Matt brought us craft beer from the newly opened Triskelion Brewing Company, where Jonathon Ayers of Drink Local Now lore, is the master of brewing.

CHALWA High Country Reggae

chalwaSince 2006 CHALWA has been jamming its brand of high country reggae across North Carolina and Jamaica. Playing as many nights as their wives allow, they are one of the hardest working bands around. Which is somewhat ironic, as their melodic sounds sooth the soul. Its lots of fun, and we were lucky to chat with CHALWA members Dennis Berndt, Timothy Marsh, and Nethali Percival, just moments before they had to jump on stage at Southern Appalachian Brewery for yet another epic performance. Kensman Jonathan Ayers (Stagshead Brewing) and Brewpon Tommy Green facilitate the conversation.

Cat Piss on the Flavor Wheel

Monte's TaproomThe scintillating and vivacious Monique "Man Eater" Ruiz proves herself as a podcast host extraordinaire in episode #0016 of Drink Local Now. Whether discussing Tommy Green's micro-penis, cat piss on the flavor wheel, or going head-to-head with Jonathan Ayers on craft beer expertise, the Man Eater holds her own. Crowler, Kinsman, Man Eater, and Little Dickie taste a variety of craft beers before gulping them all down.

Stags Head Sword Fighting

jonathon-ayers_stags-head-brewingMarried at a Renaissance Fair, Jonathon Ayers is starting a brewery in downtown Hendersonville named Stags Head Brewing. He will build the brewery with his own two hands. Jonathon's expertise on beer, sword fighting, and construction is unmatched by any of the episodes other co-hosts: Ian "Apple Weed" McAnsh, Tommy "Brew Papa" Green, and Emily "Life Line" Trimnal.  The four of us shared a growler from Fonta Flora Brewery of Morganton. Western North Carolina will soon lay claim to a farm house brewery! Say What?

Sanctuary Brewing Bathtub Beach Beer

Joe and Lisa, sanctuary brewingowner's of Sanctuary Brewing Company, join us to talk about beer and hot tubs, and their mission to brew beer as a way to save the world... or, at least, save every mistreated animal in the world! We try four of their delicious could not have been a better time...unless, maybe...we were in bathtubs on the beach?