MALT Meeting Sierra Nevada

Mountain Ale and Lager Tasters (MALT) meets at Sierra Nevada's upstairs play room for good times and really good home brew drinking. Founded in the late 20th century, the group exudes the essence of our vibrant and often weird Western North Carolina community. Discussed in yet another scintillating podcast hosted by Crowler Chris Power and Tommy Green, is the fine art of making home brewed craft elixirs. Guests include pharmacist Joe Rafferty, Trevor Gwillim of CARZ, sour brewer Justin Breitzke, and international welder Erich Seigler. And...... (drum roll) least we not forget Ted Clevenger of Asheville Brewers Supply? He's become a regular! Our theme song is by Electric Gremlin, featuring Jay Armant, jr. of Fishbone fame.

Brian Grossman Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

briangrossman4Sierra Nevada Owner Brian Grossman humbly describes himself as a second generation brewer. We know him as the owner of of one of best companies in the world, practicing conscious capitalism and sustainability. "As soon as beer making becomes a job, you've f**ked up," say Brian. "You need to be passionate about what you are doing." In episode #0043 Brian educates us on the finer points of making quality beer, and his philosophies on life which help him to run Sierra Nevada. Brad and Brandi Hillman, of soon to open Hillman Beer on Sweeten Creek Road, as well as artisan glass blowers, also join us on this epic episode at Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest.