King Mike Karnowski: Zebulan Artisan Ales

Mike-KarnowskiThe very first rum barrel bourbon aged beer and the very first sour beer made in Asheville were brewed by Mike Karnowski at Dirty Jacks several years ago. Now known as the King of Specialty, Mike has his own production brewery in Weaverville, where he brews historical, forgotten, and mythological beers. Find out if the haze brings anything to an IPA, as Monique Ruiz and Tommy Green zone out, while Jonathan Ayers and Mike Karnowski geek out. Dedicating upcoming beers to Prince, Muhammad Ali, and Albert Hoffman (the inventor of LSD) we were lucky to taste Prince in episode #0022.

Working Man’s Blue Mountain Pizza

blue mountain pizza and brewingJoey and Mike from Blue Mountain Pizza and Brewing are the Bernie Sanders of brewing - and we love them for that! Best friends and brewers together for more than a decade, and making high quality brews for Blue Mountain Pizza since the beginning of Weaverville's first brewery. Listen to Mike and Joey tell their story as they talk about their upcoming plans for expansion!