Gary Sernack: Bhramari Brewhouse

ceelo-green-gary-sernack Ceelo Green and Gary Sernack at Bhramari Brewhouse enjoying infused beer. Craft Lifestyle. Great beer. Local. Great Burgers. Star Wars. Investing in Community. Hard Sodas. Tattoos. Harry Potter...and uh... great craft beer! Ain't that some shit? "I really fucking like this place," says Tommy Green. "When can we come back for more podcasting?"

Kendra Penland: Asheville Brewers Alliance

kendra penland and tommy greenKendra Penland, Director of the Asheville Brewers Alliance, chats with us at Catawba Brewing about the booming craft brewery scene in Western North Carolina. She affirms, professionally and unequivocally, that we are nowhere near a beer bubble burst in WNC. More and more breweries will continue to open and our craft beer will continue to get better and better. Asheville Beer Week is on the horizon and the Asheville Brewers Alliance has a keg full of awesome activities brewing, including Rage Yoga. Drink Local Now is looking forward to taking part in this years festivities, sponsoring a Virtual Reality Porn event, helping the Asheville craft beer community to get off, together!