The Twilight Zone with Adam Charnack

Adam Charnack of Hi-Wire Brewing Imagine a world where Governor Pat McCrory overturned HB2... Crazy huhn? That is exactly what we believed had happened just prior to recording episode #0012 of Drink Local Now. We were elated and giddy throughout, happy that we no longer lived in the worst State in the Union. The Funniest Man in Beer, Adam Charnack of Hi-Wire Brewing, hosts us for our podcast at Hi-Wire Brewing's Big Top. Could we have been tripping on LSD? Download the Brewpon app to listen. Join us in The Twilight Zone.

Fuk HB2 Invest in Community

house-bill-2-NCDrink Local Now is named as such because we are drinking during the podcast and we are local. Our show is about community. In episode #0007 of Drink Local Now we welcome Patrick Conant and Jesse Michel of PRC Applications to our panel, discussing investing in community as a way of doing business. Tommy Green is tired of businesses branding themselves as "local", when in reality, they could give a crap about the community, and would stomp on their neighbor, if it means getting ahead. Listen to Jonathan Ayers expert tasting analysis of Hunter Gatherer Brewing's Black Patent Ale.... and by the way, F**k HB2! We are angry!