Asheville Craft Lifestyle

patriotsCraft lifestyle. Choose your own destiny. You don't have to be the stereotype of somewhere else. Asheville is a cultural port. We have things from all over, and you can pick and choose. You can be one thing on one day, another the next, and its not disingenuous if it is genuine to you," proclaims Asheville beer lawyer Derek Allen in episode #0013 of Drink Local Now. Derek and Jewish adult film star Ron Jeremy have much MORE in common than just being patriots. Listen to the guys talk the Asheville Craft Lifestyle, investing in community, and how collaboration creates financial success and happiness. Derek's band the Stump Mutts are featured in this epic podcast out of MojoCoworking, with Ian "Apple Weed" McAnsh, Jonathan "Kinsman" Ayers, and Tommy "Little Dickie" Green. Install the Brewpon App to hear all about it!