Ween & Spivey Found First Music Rehearsal Facility in Asheville

"It's very difficult for black music artists to play around, and try different genres and styles of art, because they are very regimented into one kind of close minded idea... especially for musicians. There is only a handful of black guys playing guitar that you can think of who are popular," states Ween's Claude Coleman, jr. in this incredible conversation featuring two local music legends, who are now business partners. Brett Spivey of Inspected by 13 and Claude are seeking funding and donations, opening the first music rehearsal facility ever in Asheville. Once the mission is complete, Brett plans to open Holy Spirits Brewing, converting an old church into a nano brewery. At the 38:53 mark, Ben Survant of Natural Born Leaders can be heard artfully singing and playing his acoustic, saving our listeners from complete and utterly boring chat. Alas, Rick Rice and Keith Laguna keep the conversation spirited, as Tommy Green stumbles his way through hosting the 63rd installment of Drink Local Now.